fotoskinox deep serum

Fotoskinox Deep Serum

Serum for the treatment of uneven tone. With growth factors and peptides, antioxidants, tranexamic acid, albatin, rumex occidentalis extract and hyaluronic acid.

Moisturize and luminosity for uneven skin tones. May help with visual appearance for a more even skin tone.


LYOPHILIZED GROWTH FACTORS & PEPTIDES Luminia Granatum has depigmentation effect, brings luminosity to the skin and unifies the tone + Nonapeptide-1 prevents hyperpigmentation.
Treats skin discoloration. It is a powerful ingredient recognized for its great ability to whiten and improve the appearance of pigmented skin.
ANTIOXIDANTS Neutralize free radicals and help prevent and correct the signs of aging in the skin: They unify the tone and provide immediate luminosity.
Antimelanogenesis activity comparable to ascorbic acid, kojic acid or arbutin. Stabilizes DOPAchrome, a key intermediate in the melanogenesis reaction, and prevents its transformation into melanin.
It evens out the skin tone thanks to its lightening and smoothing properties, to restore luminosity to the facial skin. Reduces hyperpigmentation of the skin and erythema, eliminating spots.
HA with low molecular weight (angiogenesis) + HA with high molecular weight (water uptake / hydration) + cross- inked HA (hydrolift).